Monday, February 9, 2015

Australian and New Zealand Stamp Sets

Oh My Gosh!
Is this the cutest stamp set ever?
Want to get one?
You can order this one or any of the additional stamps shown in this post  for only $17.95 at
This is called Cute Koala and this link will take you there. Cute Koala

This one is called Celebrate New Zealand and here's the link.  New Zealand
This one and the Australian one can be used for July 4th in the US.

This is the same only for Australia.  Here is the link.  Australia

 This one is called Cricket, no not that kind but the sport!  Here's the link.  Cricket

If you do a search for New Zealand you will see other stamp sets come up too!

I will be offering a free stamp set with any orders I receive on Feb 14, Valentines Day!
Check back and see what stamp set it is? 

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