Friday, December 3, 2010

Plenty for Twenty

During the month of December Close to My Heart will give you a "D" sized stamp set with each $20 purchase on my website  That's a free stamp set, no tax no shipping just FREE!
Hop on over and place your order and see what great new stamp set you will get.  Also be on the look out for Sticky Boy, a very exclusive stamp that is being tucked into random orders.

For a list of what is retiring or while supplies last click here.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Drawer with Gift Card

Hi all, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  I just have been busy working on things for my upcoming classes.  Check out this cute drawer with a little gift card holder inside.  If you want to make one you can come to my class on Dec 11th.. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holiday Ideas

This is a corner Bookmarker.  We will be making one of these during our workshop of Gifts for under $5.00.  Date for this workshop will be posted soon on my website, so check there often..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

This is made on one of our large artboards.  I think I will have a workshop so everyone can make one.  It is even nicer in person.  Want to come?
I will be posting dates on my calendar at my website sometime soon...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last fall a man stopped by my house to inquire about some plants I have in the front yard.  He said his wife just loved them.  He was talking about my Red Hot Pokers, which are amazing at that time of the year.  Anyway, I gave him several plants which I had separated earlier in the spring.  A couple of months later he showed up with a half a dozen plumeria cuttings for me.  Anyway, most of them I planted in pots but this one is in the ground near my pond.  It has the only bloom.  It's really a pretty blossom. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Triple Play

Wanted to mix up my Triple Play a little, not that the little albums aren't great.  But sometimes I just like to make a card or two, maybe four!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Christmas in Aug?

Well, it's hotter than it has been in a long time here in So Cal.  So why not post some holiday items.

I absolutely loved a sample in our Fall/Winter Idea book done with what is called a Mix and Mingle album.  It has both acrylic pages as well as chip board pages.  It come with little rings to join it together if you wish, or you can use the pages separately on scrapbook pages. Each section is about a 3 1/2" square.   This sample I pretty much just copied out of the catalog.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Here are a couple of things that we made this past Sat.

This card was inspired by one I saw on  If you have never visited there you must.
I just knew when I saw the sample on there that I just had to do it with B1356 St Nick, another new item from the newest catalog from Close To My Heart.  If you would like to make 5 of these along with 20 other cards, you'll want to attend one of my Holiday card making class in Oct or Nov..

This is yet another new item, chipboard ornaments.  That is me on the left when I was about 4 or 5. I will be posting more of the selection of ornaments that come in the set as I finish them.  This is another item that can be used on scrapbook pages or even on a card.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Wednesday

This is one of my cats, Monster is his name.  He is a rescue and we have had him since he was just a few weeks old.  He is mostly an indoor cat, but does go out a little each day.  This is what he looks like every time he comes back in..  He's a character for sure!

Here is another item for my sale.  This lunch box is a mini one only about 2 1/2" x 4 1/4".  Uses another favorite paper, That's Amore..  Hope you like it..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Web camera

My son Richard had a birthday this last weekend and one of the things he requested was a webcam.  He is using it right now to watch our tadpoles turn into frogs.  Amazing thing.  But I am thinking about stealing it soon and trying a tutorial of some sorts.  I think I can do it, so be watching for something in the next couple of weeks. 

Saturday, July 31, 2010

$2, $4, $6 and 8 It's You We appreciate!

Close to My Heart wants to show how much we appreciate you! We are offering an incredible deal to you for 8 days only. From Wednesday, August 4 at am (PST) through August 11, While Supplies Last, you can purchase selected My Stickease® assortments for only $2, Level 1 kits for only $4, and Level 2 paper packets for only $6 on my Website!
Yes, this is a website only sale.  You will need to set up an account if you already don't have one.  So you don't want to wait until the last minute to do this. 
You know how fast this stuff goes so mark your calendar and get ready for the best deals ever.
Listed below are the items that will be for sale, if you are not familiar with any of them you can go to my website, by clicking Here and see them all.  Write down your choices and you will be ready to go.

Remember Stickease are $2, Level 1 kits are $4 and Level 2 kits are $6

X7073A Abundance Level 1
X7073B Abundance Level 2
X7073C Abundance My Stickease
X7112A Animal Cookies Level 1
X7112B Animal Cookies Level 2
X7112C Animal Cookies My Stickease
X7103A Aspen Level 1
X7103B Aspen Level 2 Paper Packet
X7103C Aspen My Stickease
X7110A Back Country Level 1
X7110B Back Country Level 2 Paper Packet
X7110C Back Country My Stickease
X7114A Bella Level 1
X7114B Bella Level 2 Paper Packet
X7114C Bella My Stickease
X7071A Best Friends Forever Level 1
X7096A Blue Ribbon Level 1
X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet
X7096C Blue Ribbon My Stickease
X7095A Boom-Di-Ada Level 1
X7095B Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 Paper Packet
X7095C Boom-Di-Ada My Stickease
X7086A Caprice Level 1
X7086B Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet
X7086C Caprice My Stickease
X7078A Cutie Pie Level 1
X7078C Cutie Pie My Stickease
X7108A Daydream Level 1
X7108B Daydream Level 2 Paper Packet
X7108C Daydream My Stickease
X7056A Discovery Level 1
X7105A Emporium Level 1
X7105B Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet
X7105C Emporium My Stickease
X7087A Enchanted Level 1
X7087B Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet
X7087C Enchanted My Stickease
X7104A Evensong Level 1
X7104B Evensong Level 2 Paper Packet
 X7104C Evensong My Stickease
X7085A Everlasting Level 1
X7085B Everlasting Paper Packet
X7085C Everlasting My Stickease
X7082A Expedition Level 1
X7082C Expedition My Stickease
X7061A Floral Impressions Level 1
X7061B Floral Impressions Level 2 Paper Packet
X7061C Floral Impressions My Stickease
X7084A Floral Tapestry Level 1
X7088A Free Spirit Level 1
X7088B Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet
X7088C Free Spirit My Stickease
X7097A Game On Level 1 Kit
X7097B Game On Level 2 Paper Packet
X7097C Game On My Stickease
X7092A Good Times Level 1
X7092B Good Times Level 2 Paper Packet
X7092C Good Times My Stickease
X7117A Grace Level 1
X7117B Grace Level 2 Paper Packet
X7117C Grace My Stickease
X7060A Heirloom Level 1
X7060B Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet
X7091A It's a Guy Thing Level 1
X7091B It's a Guy Thing Level 2 Paper Packet
X7091C It's a Guy Thing My Stickease
X7115A Jingle Level 1
X7115B Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet
X7115C Jingle My Stickease
X7069A Just Chillin Level 1
X7069C Just Chillin My Stickease
X7062A Laid Back Level 1
X7083A Let's Get Together Level 1
X7089A Lifes Delights Level 1
X7089C Life Delights My Stickease
X7101A Magic Moments Level 1
X7101B Magic Moments Level 2 Paper Packet
X7101C Magic Moments My Stickease
X7081A Majestic Blue Level 1
X7081B Majestic Blue Level 2 Paper Packet
X7081C Majestic Blue My Stickease
X7111A Moon Doggie Level 1
X7111B Moon Doggie Level 2 Paper Packet
X7111C Moon Doggie My Stickease
X7075A More To Adore Level 1
X7075B More To Adore Level 2 Paper Packet
X7075C More To Adore My Stickease
X7102A Notebook Level 1
X7102C Notebook My Stickease
X7102B Notebook Paper Packet
X7094A Paper Garden Level 1
X7094C Paper Garden My Stickease
X7100A Perfect Day Level 1
X7100B Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Packet
X7100C Perfect Day My Stickease
X7079B Rough n Tumble Level 2 Paper Packet
X7079C Rough n Tumble My Stickease
X7080A Route 66 Level 1
X7080C Route 66 My Stickease
X7098A Sarsaparilla Level 1 Kit
X7098B Sarsaparilla Level 2 Paper Packet
X7098C Sarsaparilla My Stickease
X7072A School Zone Level 1
X7072C School Zone My Stickease
X7090A Silhouette Level 1
X7090B Silhouette Level 2 Paper Packet
X7090C Silhouette My Stickease
X7070A Simple Pleasure Level 1
X7070B Simple Pleasure Level 2 Paper Packet
X7070C Simple Pleasure My Stickease
X7076A Sonata Level 1
X7076C Sonata My Stickease
X7109A Stardust Level 1
X7109B Stardust Level 2 Paper Packet
X7109C Stardust My Stickease
X7077C Sweet Harmony My Stickease
X7116A Sweet Home Level 1
X7116B Sweet Home Level 2 Paper Packet
X7116C Sweet Home My Stickease
X7093A Sweet Pea Level 1
X7093C Sweet Pea My Stickease
X7107A That's Amore Level 1
X7107B That's Amore Level 2 Paper Packet
X7107C That's Amore My Stickease
X7113A Tinkerin Level 1
X7113B Tinkerin Level 2 Paper Packet
X7113C Tinkerin My Stickease
X7118A Twitterpated Level 1
X7118B Twitterpated Level 2 Paper Packet
X7118C Twitterpated My Stickease
X7106A Unforgettable Level 1
X7106B Unforgettable Level 2 Paper Packet
X7106C Unforgettable My Stickease
X7045A Vintage Travel Level 1
X7045C VintageTravel My Stickease

That's a long list!  Thanks for looking...  Debbi

Cherry O lunch Box

Didn't this lunch box turn out cute?  I am going to have problems parting with it but I will.
I only had one lunch box left so I decided to use this fun Cherry O papers on it.
The sale is Sept 4th at my home but only from 10-12:30.  This item might be a silent auction item since I have had a lot of interest in it.  For more information about the sale go to my website:
and to the calendar.

Recipe box photo

Here is the Let's Get Together recipe box.  This is one of my all time favorite papers.  The recipe cards inside are so cute and lots of divider cards too.  This will be available at the sale.
Want to make your own covered box?  I will be offering a class on Aug 21st.  Check out the calendar on my website for more info.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Open House and Sale Sept 4th 10 am to 12:30 pm

I started making a few things for the sale. I am using some older product and some new products.
I decided that whatever I make off of my "home made items" I will donate to Operation Smile. Here are a couple of the items using CTMH retired paper Let's Get Together. A fun notebook and a recipe box with matching recipe cards.