Join My Team

Joining my team is easy.
Belonging to this great company is special.
This great Essentials kit is only $49.00 and it contains approximately $155 in retail value products.
There is also a Master Kit for only $99 and it contains approximately $355 in retail value products.

What kinds of Opportunties are there for you?
Straight to the top:  Earn $25 in Select product Credit if you sell $300 retail in your first 30 days.
Earn an additional $75 in Select Product Credit when your sales total $1200, counting the $300.
Accomplish both levels and I will surprise you with a bonus.

Active consultants earn between 22 - 35% based on sales each month.  You can also earn up to $75 a month in Select Product Credit.
To remain an active consultant you must sell $300 a quarter.  When you join you have a full quarter to meet this requirement.  Example:  If you join in October you will have to meet your minimums $300 during Jan to March quarter. There is no rolling quarters, which can make a big difference. If you don't meet your minimums you drop to a Junior consultant.

Junior consultants earn 10% on sales each month. The minimum requirement for a Jr consultant is $100 a quarter.  If you don't meet your minimums as a Junior consultant you will exit the company. If this happens you can always sign up again and get a new kit for $49 and lots of new product.

Many consultants are hobbyists, they join to get the discount and to support their habit.  They don't do workshops, parties or classes.  This is OK, finding a few friends to help them meet their minimums also helps them keep up with minimums.

One of the wonderful things CTMH does is pay for all the Hostess gifts.  Even if you are the hostess!
You will receive a free website for your business.
You don't have to keep inventory, just order when you are ready.
CTMH has a lot of training on their website and they add more all the time.
Of course, I will be around to answer any questions too...

Sound good?  I can tell you after 23+ years I still love what I do and so can you.
Ready to sign up?  It's easy just click here.