Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 Years of Happy Candy Kiss Box

This is a fun candy box I made using the special stamp set 30 Years of Happy.  If you are wondering why it is called that it is because Jeanette Lynton is celebrating 30 years in the Stamping and Scrapbooking business and it has been a Happy 30 Years for her.  Doing something that you love, helping other women and men find a career doing what they are passionate about, and being an innovative leader in this field would make anyone Happy! I am very proud to have been with this company for nearly 24 years.

This box is made out of Cranberry cardstock for the 2 basic pieces.
1 -  9 x 12 for the top of the box
1 - 8 7/8 x 11 7/8 for the bottom of the box
This way they fit into each other better.

It is scored on both pieces the same way.
Along the 9" side it is scored at 1 and 3 then on my portable score board from Close To My Heart, I turn it all the way around and score from the other side at 1 and 3.
 Along the 12" side it is scored at 1 and 3 then turned again all the way around and scored again at 1 and 3
 After scoring you will cut it as shown in the above photo. Cut off the sections with the X and cut down to score line on the dotted line. Then I like to cut little pie shaped wedges into the sections that will fold.  Not sure if you can see this in the photos or not but it helps when adhering the pieces.

Draw a box in the center of the Top, leaving 1/2" on all sides of the center.  Cut out with paper trimmer or scissors.
Fold Bottom of the box on all score lines.  Use a strong adhesive and start with the ends of the box.  Then glue the sides down inside the box.
Adhere the ends of the Top of the box but don't fold down the flaps on the ends or the sides!
You can now insert the bottom of the box into the top.  See the flaps, I have adhesive on them and they will go down onto the bottom of the box.
This is flap that wraps around the box.  It is 5 3/4 x 7 1/2".  It is scored along the 7 1/2 side at 7/8, 3, and 6 1/8".  If you would like to add a decorative edge it goes on the bottom on the side that is scored a 6 1/8".
After edging you can adhere the 7/8" portion to the bottom of the box centering it left to right.

Decorate as you like.  I used Black cardstock 1/4" smaller than the White cardstock, then Snowden B&T paper
again 1/4" smaller than the Black cardstock.  To secure the front I used a small Velcro Dot.

I cut out a White and Black Snowflake for the front using Art Philosophy Cartridge and used YUM and Thinking Of You from the 30 Years of Happy Stamp set.  Remember this stamp set can be yours for Free in the month of September with a $30 order. 

For a little more fun I added some paper bottoms to some of the kisses in the box, the 30 years of Happy stamps were the perfect size.

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